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Uses of healing magnets for common ailments

    Most people have heard about using magnets to treat the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain, but not many people are aware of the extremely wide range of ailments magnets can help with. In this section we will be discussing the numerous conditions that can be successfully treated with magnets and how to treat each individual ailment with the most appropriate magnetic device.

    Therapeutic magnetic devices have so many applications in medicine but most of them are little known by the general public or the GP. The list above have highlighted the uses of magnets to treat the symptoms of the most common ailments, but  is not a complete list. So many more conditions are being treated with medical magnets and they include depression, stress, anxiety, mental illness, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and stiff mans syndrome.

    Research is currently taking place in over 300 hospitals world wide into magnetic therapy and the conditions mentioned above, the more we learn about the abilities of magnetic devices the more ailments we will be able to treat successfully.

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Magnetic therapy treatments for relieving pain by using natural, healing medical rare earth magnets

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