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Human body is endowed with natural healing powers. As Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine once said: ‘Nature cures; not the physician’. All the systems of alternate medicine aim at holistic healing. They try to create conductive conditions for the natural healing process of the body to speed up. Magnetic therapy is no exception to this principle. The therapeutic effects of magnets work through: (1) Nervous system (2) Respiratory system (3) Digestive system (4) Urinary system, and, most importantly through (5) Blood circulatory system.

Extensive studies have revealed that water from North Pole magnets has the benevolent effect of controlling bacterial infections, including neutralizing, or, in some cases killing cancer cells. Also found to be effective in tumours, skin rashes, sores, boils etc. North Pole, in effect, has a retarding action. The South Pole oozes energy, imparts strength and warmth to the affected parts, reducing swelling, stops pains and in general increases power of resistance of the patient.

Conceptual Framework:

The metabolism of every living cell of not only human beings but also all other life forms is linked essentially to electro-magnetic energy. Biological self-healing powers are buttressed, if energy is significantly made available to it. An organism full of energy is anathema to bacterial and virus infections as its power of resistance peaks. It only spells rosy health and extreme fitness; the basic concept of magnetic therapy is nothing more than this.


Some doctors prefer only North Pole, whereas others prefer South Pole for treatment. Dr Albert Roy Davis, U.S.A. is an ardent supporter of single pole use in his treatment. His book ‘the Anatomy of Bio-magnetism’ states:

North Pole (N.P)

  • Arthritis – calcium of the joints is slowly dissolved by North Pole
  • Bleeding or haemorrhage – After birth or due to female weak organs.
  • Bleeding of wounds, cuts, bruises due to weak tissues.
  • Boils and cancers.
  • Broken bones, broken joints, fractures – South Pole on the upper and North Pole on the lower portion ensures best healing.
  • Burns – North Pole on the burnt portion – When the pain is less, South Pole to give strength to the tissue and to form flesh over the burnt part.
  • H. B. Pressure – N.P. under the right ear down the artery.
  • Infection, pus, discharge due to any infection – (N.P. arrests it and nature heals).
  • Kidney infection or stone (even partially lost kidneys may start functioning in some cases).
  • Sprains in ankles, back, hip, legs and feet, etc.
  • Teeth and gums – Decaying teeth, infection of gums, swellings, and pus deposits.
  • Toothache with bad smell, bleeding and wounds.

South Pole (S.P)

  • All kinds of pains, stiffness and weakness in fore limbs, arms, legs, shoulders hips, etc, S.P. encourages and provides strength and life to the limbs.
  • Encourage life in all its forms but makes infection worse.
  • Digestion poor, as formation due to more acidity in stomach.
  • Production of insulin less.
  • Prostrate enlargement (fluid discharge is increased M.W. every 2hours or earlier a must).
  • Hair coloring-S.P. improves hair coloring in limited cases of those persons only whose health is good. South Pole for 1/2hour on the seat of the person after he/she has gone to bed gives good results.
  • Heart – we should ascertain the actual heart disease, as there may be several types of complaints. For weak pulse rate, and heartbeats, apply South Pole.
  • Neuralgia (Headache – the causes should be investigated and treated. S.P. works to remove it if applied also below the left side of the stomach, M.W, and diet should be advised.
  • Weak muscles – South Pole for 10-minute morning and 10 minutes in the evening again.
  • Weakness to walk, South Pole for a week or 10 days provides energy and strength.

However, combinations of both North and South Pole magnets give good results as well. For local applications, a single pole magnet is sufficient. In general applications it is better to use both North and South Pole magnets.

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