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magnetic therapy research >Fibromyalgia

Magnetic therapy research

Feb 27th 2001.

    Over the past decade, chronic pain sufferers nave become avid consumers of magnet therapy. Unfortunately doctors and consumers alike know very little about the clinical effects of these products.

    In a new study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers from the University of Virginia describe the largest and most rigorous clinical trail to date of a magnet therapy used to treat patients with chronic pain. Results were obtained from 94 patients with Fibromyalgia , a syndrome affecting 2% of the population and responsible for widespread pain, fatigue, fitful sleep and anxiety in sufferers.

    Researchers randomly separated participants into 4 treatment groups to test the effects of magnetic mattress covers on several measures of the participants pain. Ratings of the subjects pain were measured over six months using the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, pain intensity ratings, tender point counts and tender point pain intensity.

    One group slept on mattress covers that administered magnetic therapy to the whole body. A second group slept on mattress covers that administered magnetic therapy to part of the body . A third group slept on a mattress cover that had no magnets in it. The last group were instructed to continue with their normal pain treatment plans with no magnet therapy.

    Ann Gill Taylor RN. From the University of Virginia, says We did find a statistically significant difference in pain intensity reduction for the magnetic mattress cover groups. The 2 groups that slept on the magnetic mattress covers generally showed the greatest improvements in outcome scores of pain intensity level, number of tender points on the body and functional status after six months.

    Alan P Alfano M.D. from the University of Virginia says, The results tell us maybe this therapy works, and that more research is justified.

magnetic therapy research >Fibromyalgia

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