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Over the past decade, chronic pain sufferers nave become avid consumers of magnet therapy. Unfortunately doctors and consumers alike know very little about the clinical effects of these products.

In a new study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers from the University of Virginia describe the largest and most rigorous clinical trail to date of a magnet therapy used to treat patients with chronic pain. Results were obtained from 94 patients with Fibromyalgia , a syndrome affecting 2% of the population and responsible for widespread pain, fatigue, fitful sleep and anxiety in sufferers.

Researchers randomly separated participants into 4 treatment groups to test the effects of magnetic mattress covers on several measures of the participants pain. Ratings of the subjects pain were measured over six months using the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, pain intensity ratings, tender point counts and tender point pain intensity.

One group slept on mattress covers that administered magnetic therapy to the whole body. A second group slept on mattress covers that administered magnetic therapy to part of the body . A third group slept on a mattress cover that had no magnets in it. The last group were instructed to continue with their normal pain treatment plans with no magnet therapy.

Ann Gill Taylor RN. From the University of Virginia, says “ We did find a statistically significant difference in pain intensity reduction for the magnetic mattress cover groups. The 2 groups that slept on the magnetic mattress covers generally showed the greatest improvements in outcome scores of pain intensity level, number of tender points on the body and functional status after six months.

Alan P Alfano M.D. from the University of Virginia says, “ The results tell us maybe this therapy works, and that more research is justified.”

Feb 27th 2001.


This story aired on NBC News 6th January

Last year a study found that magnetic insoles seemed to provide significant relief to diabetics who suffered from a painful condition called peripheral neuropathy. The study consisted of a test that measures how well nerves are conducting signals from the feet and the application of magnet insoles for those that showed positive in the test.

The results for Jeanette Castner, a diabetic, show that her diabetes has, in fact damaged those nerves. In her case it has made her feet extremely numb, which is more serious than it sounds. The problem is called diabetic neuropathy and it is a major disabler of people with diabetes. According to Dr Michael Weintraub of the New York Medical College, “you can have numbness and tingling like your feet are asleep, or numb or tingling or burning to the point where you can’t even put pressure on them.”

But Castner and the other diabetics in the study have gotten significant relief from their neuropathy by using an ancient alternative treatment- magnets.

Nineteen patients in a well-designed scientific study, published in the American Journal of pain management, wore magnetic insoles 24 hours a day . They then rated their pain twice a day for four months. The trick was making sure that the pain relief was really due to the magnets.

Dr Weintraub designed the study so one foot had a placebo insole and the other a real magnetic insole. After one month they switched insoles so the placebo was on the opposite foot and the magnet on the other foot.

The results showed that the foot with the real magnetic insole showed significant improvements in the neuropathy in 90% of the diabetics.

As to why magnets seem to work, there are a few theories, but the bottom line is that no one really knows. To better understand the benefits of magnet therapy Dr Weintraub is setting up a national multi centre trail, but in the mean time there are no reasons not to give magnets a try.


There is no known medical cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), but a promising alternative approach has been developed using electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to treat the pineal gland.

Studies have found evidence suggesting that there is a connection between multiple sclerosis and dysfunction of the pineal gland:

  • During relapses, MS patients have abnormally low night time blood levels of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland.

  • Brain scans of MS patients show that all have calcification of the pineal gland.

  • MS patients have low levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is a precursor of melatonin, and are regulated by melatonin.

  • The symptoms of MS correlate with those of serotonin deficiency: carbohydrate craving, fatigue, headache, sleep disorders, spasticity, poor bladder control, cognitive deficits, migraines, and a high rate of depression and suicide.

Nutritional or biochemical attempts to enhance serotonin synthesis in MS patients have not worked well. But the pineal gland is very sensitive to EMF, so researchers tried applying extremely low intensity, pulsed EMF in an attempt to ‘energize’ the gland. This treatment was successful in creating marked symptom improvement in 60% to 70% of MS patients in the study, and the remainder noticed mild to moderate improvement. The treatment was most effective at the early stages of the disease. EMF had been shown previously to affect the circadian release of melatonin, and boost the release of melatonin, and boost the release of neurotransmitters by altering intracellular calcium-ion transport at the synaptic level.

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