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If You Travel Or Go Visiting/Holidaying A Lot, A Portable Magnetic Travel Pad Is The Best Way To Ensure You Don't Go Without Your Much Needed Magnet Fix!

Iím sure that youíll agree that,

When holidaying you are undoubtedly more active than when you are at home, simply because you want to explore and see the sights. You stay up later at night and most probably have a dance or 2 (or maybe more than 2).

At any warm or hot destination swimming is a must, itís fun and cools you down, but it uses most of your muscles, creating aches and pains.

If you are anything like me, you will come back from your holiday more exhausted than before you went. I usually need a holiday to get over my holiday.

This is certainly not the time to be without your magnets!

The portable magnetic travel pad;

Essentially it is a long (50 inches) quilted and cushioned pad containing 45 x 2,400 gauss magnets (just under the maximum gauss allowed by the dangerous goods regulations), that is both very soft and flexible allowing it to be folded into a very small and compact bundle that will easily fit into a standard, or hand luggage bag.

When you lie on it your body from shoulders to ankles will be covered by the magnets (if you are very tall it may only come to the calf area). This is sufficient to keep most people with all over body pain magnetised whilst away from their mattress cover.

Whatís more, Is that it has so many other uses apart from just putting in your bed whilst you are on holiday:

1. You can put it in your car when travelling and it will help to keep the aches and pains of sitting for long periods away.

2. You can place it on the sofa or chair while you are watching TV or reading during the day and evening.

3. During a long flight or car/coach journey place it behind you and your back and legs will not be still when you arrive at your destination. 4. If you tend to have a nap on the sofa during the day, place it under you and get the same benefits as your mattress cover, without going upstairs to bed. Each time you visit your relatives you wonít have to take your mattress cover off the bed and lug it around with you.

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