The 21 Most Common Myths And Mysteries
about Magnetic Therapy

Essential must read information for anyone
who is considering using magnet therapy for pain relief

1) Wearing a magnetic bracelet will help with pain all over your body.

Magnets work most efficiently when they are placed directly on or over the area of pain. A bracelet will help with pain in the hand, wrist and arm. The magnetic field has a localised effect and cannot penetrate all the body at the same time so cannot help to alleviate pain in other areas.

A recent trial has shown that wearing a bracelet may help slightly, but that is because when magnets are worn on the wrist, close to the radial artery, they help to stimulate and increase blood flow around the body which would result in a minimal reduction to pain in other areas of the body away from the arm. If you then compare this to the benefits of wearing magnets directly over the area, a large percentage of people felt an 82% reduction in their pain.

2) Magnets aren't very strong if they don't stick to metal objects.

For a magnet to be attracted and attach itself to a separate piece of metallic material it would need to have a large enough surface area. A magnet that has a surface strength of 3000 gauss and is only 0.5 cm in diameter may not stick to the scissors; the surface area of the magnet is very small in comparison to its strength so that the magnetic field is concentrated to one area to allow for a deeper penetration into the tissues. A magnet of 800 gauss and a diameter of 2 cm will stick to the scissors, but the effects of the magnet are not as concentrated so the magnetic field would penetrate a larger area in comparison to the smaller magnet but it wouldn't be as deep within the tissues.

3) The bigger the magnet the stronger the magnet.

A very small 0.5 cm diameter magnet can measure 3000 gauss or more and similarly a 2 cm diameter magnet can measure 800 gauss so in the case of magnet strength size doesn't matter. Magnets are available in almost every conceivable shape, size and strength. What is more important is to be aware that a magnet with a larger surface area will produce a larger magnetic field but if it is not as high in strength then will not penetrate very deep into the tissues where as a smaller magnet would produce a smaller magnetic field but if it is very high in strength would be able to penetrate into the deepest parts of your tissues right to the point of pain. Size is not the most important factor, strength is.

4) Wearing multiple magnets at the same time could be harmful.

There have been no known or reported side effects of any number of magnets worn continuously. Magnets are natural and safe and the more magnets you wear the more benefits that you will receive from them. There is no problem using or wearing several magnetic devices at the same time. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner at a hospital works by using very high gauss (the unit of measurement) magnetic fields which penetrate the entire body. In an average scanner they use a magnetic strength of 15,000 gauss, when you compare this with a standard healing magnet of 800 - 3000 gauss you will realise that they are completely safe. There have been no reported problems with the use of this equipment and doctors use them everyday.

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