The World’s 7 Biggest Myths About Magnetic Bracelets!

The Truth That Virtually Every Single Magnetic Bracelet Retailer Wants To Keep Secret From You

Here Are The Frank And Unbiased Facts You Need To Know…

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Myth 1: Magnetic bracelets cannot and will not relieve pain in knees, backs, feet, ankles, thighs, hips, shoulders, necks or anywhere else on your body APART from your wrist, hand, fingers and arm.

This is by far the biggest and most dangerous, to your pocket, myth about magnetic therapy bracelets that has ever been created.

I cannot emphasise the importance of understanding this point enough.

Simply put, If you purchase a magnetic bracelet to treat pain anywhere else in your body apart from your hand, fingers or wrist you may as well just take a match and set fire to your money, or better still give the money you would of spent on the bracelet to charity and at least someone will benefit.

I don’t want to sound flippant, controversial or offend anyone BUT it is critical that people considering using magnetic therapy for pain relief are armed with the true facts about how it works and what magnetic products they actually need to use to resolve their pain.

Why Magnetic Bracelets Don’t Work On Most Types Of Pain

In a nutshell, therapeutic magnets work in this way:

1. They act locally, only around the area that they are placed on, to improve the blood flow around the injury and it’s very near surrounding tissue.

2. They reduce inflammation in the tissues, again only locally around the area that they are placed.

3. A magnetic field created by placing high strength healing magnets over an injured area will penetrate into the body and tissues and surround the injured area. The depth that the magnetic field (or throw as it is called in science) depends on how strong the magnet is, how large the magnet is and whether there is any additional mechanism pushing the magnetic field further into the body.

The laws of physics prevent magnets working in any other way. It simply can’t be because the very nature of a magnetic field is to act in this way. It is a scientific fact that cannot be altered or bent to fit the desires of a magnetic bracelet retailer.

Very Quickly, The Science Bit

Science states that a magnetic field will travel in a curved line out from the edges of a magnet and will continue to travel passing through solid objects until it finds its opposing pole. The further the magnetic field travels from the magnet the weaker the magnetic field becomes until the magnetic strength is no longer detectable.

What does all this mean? Frankly, when you put a magnetic bracelet on your wrist the magnetic strength is strongest at the point where the magnets touch your skin. The further away the magnetic field travels from the magnets on your skin the weaker the field.

By the time the magnetic field reaches your elbow it is 625 times weaker than it is at the wrist (this is called in inverse square law) which means the gauss strength of a 3,000 gauss magnet at the wrist is just 4.8 gauss when it reaches the elbow (gauss is the unit of measurement of magnetic fields).

By the time the magnetic field has travelled just 75 cm, less than a metre, away from the magnets on the wrist there is no measurable magnetic field left.

And remember the magnetic field is being carried around your body in your blood stream so it doesn’t reach other areas ‘as the crow flies’ it has to pass up your arm to your heart and back out and around the body so 75cm distance in blood vessels does not get you very far around the body.

That’s why a magnetic bracelet will not help pain in any other area of the body because it simply does not get to these areas, there is no magnetic field left by the time the blood reaches them.

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