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Application of Magnetic Therapy

    Exactly the same can be said for therapeutic magnets, they are after all a medical device and should be treated with the same reverence as conventional medical treatments. Thousands of people also self administer magnetic treatments every day. Magnetic devices are now becoming readily available in pharmacies, health food shops and even in shopping centres. Unfortunately it is often the case that the establishment that is selling the magnetic device does not have staff who are trained in magnetic therapy to give advice and information on which is the most appropriate device for each individual and often the staff have virtually no knowledge of the mechanisms by which magnets work.

    This leaves the customer at a loss for trained professional advice and they end up self diagnosing and self medicating and it is no surprise then that the majority of people who but magnetic devices from these types of outlets go home with the wrong device. Just as a chemist has a pharmacist on hand to advise the general public on which OTC medicine is best for them every outlet that sells magnetic devices should have a trained magnetic practitioner to advise customers on which treatment is best for them.

    In a realistic world it may be some quite considerable time before these retail outlets conform and train their staff appropriately, so until such a time as they do we have provided a general guide to using magnets. These are general guidelines only and do not replace an individualised tailored treatment program, whoever if you are unable to access a trained therapist you can follow this general advice for self treatment.

Strength of magnets required

    Therapeutic magnets are available in a vast array of strengths, from 500 3500 gauss/50-300 m tesla. You may not always require the highest strength magnet, but there is a minimum requirement for healing purposes. The minimum strength per magnet for an adult should be 800 gauss/ 80 m tesla. Magnets with gauss/tesla ratings below this will have difficulty in penetrating through the skin and into the tissues. The strength of magnet required for each individual is dependent on the type of ailment/injury, the severity and the length of time the ailment/injury has been there.

The table below shows approximate ratio of strength of magnet to ailment.

Sprains, strains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, muscle strains, bruising, tennis elbow,
minor sports injuries.
Less than 1 year 800 gauss/80 m tesla. Between 4 and 6 magnets encircling the injury
Joint pain (not arthritis pain), mild back pain, swollen joints (not from arthritis or osteoporosis),
frozen shoulder
Less than 2 years 1,200-m 1,700 gauss/120-170 m tesla. Between 6-12 magnets encircling the injury
Spondylosis, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine, insomnia Less than 4 years 2000-2500 gauss /200-250 m tesla. Between 10-25 magnets encircling the injury
Chronic arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, MS, ME Over 5 years 3000-3500 gauss/300-350 m tesla. Between 12 - 125 magnets (depending on the amount different pain points)
encircling the injury.
Bowel disorders, chronic fatigue, skin disorders. Over 6 months 2,000-2,500 gauss/200-250 m tesla magnet to magnetise water. Drinking at least 4 glasses per
day (a min of 6 glasses for bowel disease)
High blood pressure, stress, poor circulation Over 6 months 2,500-3,000 gauss/ 250-300 m tesla. Between 7-14 magnets worn around the wrist, plus drinking magnetised water (at least 4 glasses a day.)
Diabetes (all types) Over 6 months Drinking magnetised water plus using shoe insoles with a minimum
of 25,000 gauss/2.5 tesla.

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