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Application of Magnetic Therapy

    As already discussed there are numerous ways to apply magnets to the body. Over the past 7 -10 years magnetic development has been prolific, with suppliers and manufacturers designing devices that will cover virtually every part of the body. It is now relatively easy for a therapist to find a magnetic device to suit almost everyone. Not only is there a wide profusion of devices to choose from they are also available in a multitude of different strengths.

    You may wonder why we need such a wide array of devices in so many different strengths and the answer is the same as to why are there so many different types and strengths of pain killing drugs.
    Every personís body reacts to substances, chemicals and electrical impulses in a slightly different way. Your doctor may prescribe, for example, Tramadol ( a morphine based pain killer) to one patient with a dose of 50mg four times a day, another patient may be prescribed 100mg four times a day. The reason for this difference in dosage is that the first person metabolises (absorbs) the drug very easily, the second person does not metabolise the drug very easily so the pain relief is not as efficient and they require a stronger dose to feel the same level of pain relief as the first person.
    This principle is exactly the same with magnetic therapy, some people absorb a magnetic field very easily and rapidly and will feel a very dramatic respond in just a day or two. At the other end of the scale a few people absorb a magnetic field very slowly and they will find that they have to persevere for as long as 6 weeks before their body responds to the magnetic field. I might add that this group is very small. There is no average length of time for results as they vary so much between individuals but most people will have felt a result at some point within 2 days-2 weeks of commencing treatment. Just as with drug treatments are tailored to the individual patients needs so should magnetic therapy treatments.

    Hundreds of thousands of people self medicate with over the counter (OTC) medications every day because they do not have the time, canít get an appointment or simply do not want the inconvenience of going to the doctor. This can often lead to a delay in receiving the correct treatment for their particular ailment. Whilst OTC medication does have an important role to play in healthcare provision they are not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment.

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