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NHS prescribes Magnetic Therapy
for patients with leg ulcers

  The Sunday Times Newspaper on 26th February 2006, revealed that the NHS has for the very first time allowed magnetic therapy treatment devices to be prescribed by G.P's. At this moment in time, the devices they are able to prescribe are limited to the treatment of chronic leg ulcers. The magnets, that will be used, will speed up the ulcer's healing rate and encourage new cell and skin growth.

   A UK based clinical study completed in 2003 provided strong evidence that magnetic leg straps were more effective than traditional compression bandaging techniques and have been deemed buy the prescribing authority to be  more cost effective.

   As yet the NHS has not revealed any plans to widen the prescribing powers of GP's to allow them to incorporate other magnetic therapy devices into their mainstream treatments, but surely it will not be very long before we see magnetic therapy being used alongside conventional drugs therapies. Magnets have for many years now demonstrated to be equally and in many cases more effective than conventional pain killing drug therapies.

   It is blatantly obvious that there are numerous advantages to introducing chemical and drug free options along side existing treatments. Magnetic therapy does not aim to replace existing methods of treatment but simply aims to complement and assist in the reduction of painful symptoms and help speed up the healing process. Due to the fact that magnetic therapy is a non toxic treatment which has no known side effects, magnets seem an attractive alternative to taking potentially harmful medications which have countless side effects. The one big plus side for the NHS is that when compared with the cost of prescription medications magnets have a relatively low cost. Potentially the NHS could save over 100 million pounds a year on prescription painkillers if magnetic therapy was made available to treat a full range of diseases. What will most likely happen is that the Department of Health will watch the new prescription of magnetic therapy for leg ulcers with interest. I expect a further review of magnetic therapy devices by GPs to be made within the next couple of years

   Until then the public will have to continue to fork out the bill for magnetic therapy treatments. This may seem unfair, as proven treatments should be widely available. Still pain sufferers can take some solace from that fact that if they use magnetic therapy they could drastically reduce the need for prescription pain killers which will not only improve their health but also take the strain of their pocket, as magnets cost significantly less than a years worth of prescription costs.

 The public can also rest assured that magnetic therapy has at long last gained the medical professions approval; something that has been a long time coming. So many clinical studies have previously been rejected and slammed by the British Medical Association, now it seems they are ready to eat their words and admit that they were wrong, it isnít the first time and Iím sure it wonít be the last.

  Magnets can help with the scores of medical conditions such as: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Spodylosis, Fibromyalgia, Back pain, sciatica, diabetes, insomnia, migraine, M.S, stroke, high blood pressure, poor circulation and many more.

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