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Frequently asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions that we are usually asked about.

11. Can I take my magnets on holiday with me?

    Yes you can take your magnets on holiday with you even when travelling abroad. If you are travelling in this country you will not need to take any special precautions , unless you are travelling by plane. Magnets will not effect coaches, cars or trains.
If you are travelling abroad or by plane you will have to adhere to some simple precautions. Magnets must be carried in your hand luggage through airport security so they can be scanned through the x-ray machine. When on the plane you may wear magnetic jewellery or magnetic insoles. These devices will not effect the instrumentation of the plane.
    If you have a very strong magnetic device such as a mattress cover then you follow the civil aviation authority regulations on materials which may be hazardous to airplane instruments. A mattress cover must be carried in hand luggage and wrapped in 2 inch thick bubble wrap. The main problem with this is that once a mattress cover is folded and wrapped in 2 inch thick bubble wrap it is to big to fit into even the largest hand luggage bag that is permitted on board a plane. It is understandable that you will not want to be with out your magnets whilst you are on holiday as most people are more active whilst they are away than when they are at home, with walking , sightseeing, swimming and dancing the night away.
    An alternative to being without your mattress cover is to take a portable travel pad which is allowed on airplanes and will cover one side of the bed, in addition it can be folded to use in the car, on coaches, trains or even the airplane.

12. Is it safe to use magnets when having acupuncture, reflexology or any other complementary therapy?

    Magnetic therapy is totally safe to use with all other complementary therapies. Magnets have been used in Chinese medicine in-conjunction with acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy and herbalism for thousands of years. Magnets interact with all other complementary therapies to increase the effectiveness of each therapy. Quite often we may see a patient in our clinic whose pain has not completely been resolved with magnets, we will refer that person to another practitioner of another therapy that we feel they may benefit from in-conjunction with magnets.

13. If I use a mattress cover do I need to wear magnets during the day?

    Most people who use a mattress cover suffer from either all over body pain or pain in multiple areas around the body. Mattress covers contain between 40-200 magnets depending on the type of cover and the strength of magnets used in the cover. There are vast differences between the magnetic strength of different manufacturers products. Some suppliers only use 800 gauss/ 80 m tesla magnets in their mattress covers and others use upto 3,000 gauss/ 300 m tesla .
    As a rule the stronger the mattress cover the less need there will be to use magnetic straps, wraps or other devices during the daytime. If you are sleeping on a mattress cover which contains 800-1,700 gauss/80-170 m tesla magnets you may find that you still need to use additional magnets during the day to keep your self topped up. However a cover with magnets which are 2,000 gauss/200 m tesla or over will most likely create a sufficient strength of magnetic field around the whole body through out the night that it should not be necessary to wear other magnets during the day.
    Another important factor to consider is where the magnets are situated within the mattress cover. There are 2 main types of mattress cover :
1. The full bed cover, which is fitted and completely covers your mattress. These covers will have magnets placed from the end of the pillow area right down to the base of the cover, which will include the feet area.
2. The bed pad, which is placed under the sheet over the area where you want the magnets to reach. The pad does not reach from neck to feet and is quite often is not wide enough to accommodate the natural sideward movements and rolling that occurs during sleep.
    If you are using the full fitted cover you will have total body exposure during the night and providing that the cover contains magnets which are over 2,000 gauss/200 m tesla and there are at least 70 in a single, 100 in a double and 120 in a king size cover then this type of cover will be the most beneficial.

14. If magnetic devices need to be worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week how can I benefit form shoe insoles because I will only wear them during the day?

    It is true that we always advocate wearing magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the symptoms are gone. However when using shoe insoles it is not always realistic to expect a person to wear then at night. Shoe insoles should be used throughout the entire day. As soon as you get up and put your slippers on you should place your insoles into your slippers, when you change shoes you need to transfer your insoles across, wherever your feet go your insoles should go to. No matter how many different footwear changes you have in a day, in order to gain the full benefit of the magnets, you must change your insoles into every price of footwear you use, even work boots/shoes, Wellingtons, slippers or sandals.
    You may wonder how can you wear insoles in sandals but it is possible. We have perfected the art of sticking insoles into sandals at our clinic. The secret is to use either double sided sticky tape and place several pieces of tape on the underside of the insole and then press firmly into the sandal wait for a couple of hours to allow the tape to really stick and then they are ready to wear. When you want to remove the insoles to place then in another pair of shoes simply pull back sharply from the toe of the insole and it will detach.
    The alternative to double sided sticky tape is a type of non permanent rubber based glue, which comes in the form of transparent little sticky dots, called fast fixers. These dots can be placed on the underside of the insole and is then placed inside the sandal and pressed firmly down. The insole will stay securely in place but is easily removed as the fast fixers can be peeled off with minimum fuss, plus they can be reused numerous times before they lose their adhesive properties.

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