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Frequently asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions that we are usually asked about.

5. Can I overdose on magnetic therapy?

    You cannot overdose on magnetic therapy. There is no maximum dosage of magnetic strength and you can not wear to many magnets. An MRI scanner (magnetic resonance imaging scanner) uses magnetic fields to scan the body for disease and injuries, they are used in hospitals every single day with out any harmful side effects. An MRI scanner emits a magnetic strength of approx ( put strength in) gauss/ tesla which is significantly stronger than the magnetic strength of therapeutic magnetic devices.
    There is no maximum time limit for using magnets. They can be worn permanently with out any adverse effects. Many patients choose to wear their magnetic devices all the time with out a break, even if they do not have any pain, because they do not want a reoccurrence of the symptoms once the magnets are removed.

6. Will magnetised water change my body on the inside?

    Drinking magnetised water will not have any adverse effects on the body. The changes that are made from magnetising water occur within the water molecule itself and not within the body. The size of the water molecule is increased when it is magnetised and this makes it easier for your body to digest and process water.
    Toxins are also removed much quicker and more easily when you drink magnetised water as the larger water molecule can engulf the toxins and transport them safely out of the body.
    These changes are beneficial to the body and will not have any detrimental impact. Magnetised water can be drank even if you are taking over the counter and prescribed medication. It will not interact with any medicines or conventional treatments you may be receiving.

7. Can I use magnets if I work with computers and electrical equipment?

    Yes you can use magnets if you work with computers and electrical equipment. A magnets would need to be placed directly on the computer or piece of electrical equipment for several minutes for any harm to occur. If you wear a magnetic bracelet it will not have any effect on a computer or electronic device, even if it comes into brief contact with the keyboard , hard-drive or monitor.

8. Can I wear my watch with a magnetic bracelet?

    You can wear a magnetic bracelet if you have a quartz watch (i.e. a battery watch). A wind up watch will not keep accurate time if worn with a magnetic bracelet. If your bracelet is a super strength bracelet with 3,000 gauss/300 m tesla or stronger magnets in then there is a possibility that even a quartz watch may begin to lose time, if this occurs it is better to wear the watch on the opposite arm wear there will be no interference (unless a magnetic bracelet is worn on each wrist).

9. Should I keep my magnetic devices away from my credit/debit cards?

    You should never keep your credit/debit cards near to magnets. The magnetic field will interfere with the magnetic strip on the back of the credit/debit card. The magnetic strip is wear the information is stored on your credit/debit card. You should also not put magnets near music or computer cdís as the information stored on them may be erased or corrupted.

10. How will I know when my magnets need to be replaced?

    Most therapeutic magnets have a life span of around 10years from the time of manufacture (these are neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets have a slightly shorter lifespan of around 8 years). If you do not know how old your magnets are or have had them for around 8-10 years then you can test their strength by placing them on a variety of metal devices, such as a fridge, radiator, cooker or filing cabinet. If the magnet sticks fast and is not easily pulled off then it is till working. When the magnets begin to fail to stick to the metal or fall off when placed on to a metal surface then the magnetism is fading and the device will need to be replaced.

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