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Animals and Magnetic Therapy.

    In some cases a collar alone will not be able to treat all of the dog or cat’s symptoms, either because the inflammatory phase is too acute, or the condition is too chronic and severe. In this instance there are other magnetic devices that can be used in-conjunction with a collar to enable the magnetic field to be over the injured area (as in human treatments).

These magnetic devices are:

Type of device Strength and number of magnets How to use
Magnetic pet bed Between10-40 , 800-3,000 gauss/80-300m tesla magnets The square or oblong quilted pad can be placed on top of the dog or cat’s existing bed or placed in an area where the dog or cat normally lies. As the dog or cat lies on the pad the magnetic field will penetrate the legs, hips, spine and shoulders. These pads are particularly good for old dogs and cats who get very stiff when lieing down and dogs with hip displasia or spinal problems
Magnetic water bowl or water bowl coaster. Between 1-2, 2,500-3,000 gauss/250-300 m tesla magnets The bowl or coaster will magnetise the dog or cat’s water in the same way as a wand or coaster magnetises water for humans to drink. The effects of magnetised water on animals is the same as that of humans. The water will help animals with kidney and digestive disorders as well as increasing the power of the magnets in the collar by 10 times.
Magnetic leg wraps Between 2-6, 800-2,000 gauss/80-200 m tesla magnets As the name suggests these are placed around the leg, fore or hind , directly over the injury. These are very useful for acute injuries such as sprains, ligament damage, fractures. They will give very targeted pain relief and speed up the healing process.

    Some of the most common canine and feline ailments, which are treatable with magnets are:

Ailment Type of device Strength Length of exposure
Arthritis in hips, spine, legs and shoulders

Intervertabral disc disease- rupture of the discs in the spinal column

Hip dysplasia- abnormal formation of the hip joint.
Magnetic collar

Magnetic pet bed

Magnetised water
300-4,000 gauss/30-400m tesla per magnet with between 1-8 magnets
800-3,000 gauss/80-300m tesla per magnet with between10-40 magnets
Between 2-6, 800-2,000 gauss/80-200 m tesla magnets
Collars should be worn permanently for the best results. They can be used intermittently but as soon as the symptoms reoccur they should be replaced immediately. They will not interfere with micro chips.
Pet beds can be used during the day and night. It is perfectly safe to use them all the time and they provide a constant back-ground pain relief.
 It is hard to ascertain how much water a dog or cat is drinking in a day, but they will usually consume the amount that they require. Providing the magnetised water is renewed each day they will absorb an adequate amount of magnetism.
Avascular necrosis of the femoral head- disease of the hip joints in poodles.

Cruciate ligament rupture-damage to the ligament of the knee joint.

Panosteitis- inflammation within the leg bones
Magnetic collar
Magnetic pet bed
Magnetised water
Magnetic leg wrap
as above

as above

as above

800-3,000 gauss/80-300 m tesla per magnet with between 2-6 magnets
as above

as above

as above

These should be applied as soon as an injury has occurred and left in place 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the symptoms have been resolved.

Case Study

    In November 2002, Sandy a 16 year old German Sheppard cross was hit by a car as she ran across a main road. Sandy sustained a broken pelvis and tail bone, which left her walking with a very ‘wobbly’ gait. With in a month she developed arthritis in her hip joints, which left her very stiff, especially after sitting or lying down for long periods, in addition to this she was now unable to jump even small heights. Sandy commenced her magnetic treatment in January 2003, with the application of a magnetic dog collar ( 2 x 2600 gauss/260 m tesla, magnets were used in the collar). After just 3 days Sandy’s owner reported remarkable changes in her mobility. She was not walking with her gait and was able to jump on to the sofa. Sandy’s condition continued tom improve over the following 2 weeks and today her owner remarks that she has the energy and agility of a dog 10 years younger.

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